This book book shattered  my hopes of a better future. There is no match to the amount of sorrow  that is inflicted upon me, it wrecked, wrenched and exploded my thoughts  till I can no longer think about it. Slowly I was able to move on, it's  okay, everything is fine now, everything is going to be fine. Almost  fine. I will be safe. Almost safe. I then proceeded to make my next cup  of tea. Over that shimmering cup of tea, I thought about heat death,  hunger, no access drinking water or food, economic collapse, refuge  crisis, wild fires, toxic air and massive tornadoes. Not going to  happen. It's a worse nightmare at best. We are fine. We will figure it  out. I did what our brains are wired to do, reject all the compounding  evidence around us and move on with our lives. It's just a nightmare.