So  nice and so sad. Elizabeth, a science journalist, visits exotic places  like tropical rain forests, coral reefs, caves, barren islands and  broadcasts a bad news for all of us. Anthropocene is real, and we are  causing what scientists believe is the sixth mass extinction of  diversity on Earth. Chopped into small chapters, each one explaining a  small facet of environmental damage, without being too science-y or  emotional, this book strikes a perfect balance between narrative and  facts.

Are we causing another mass extinction event?

Whenever Earth is dragged away from it's ideal  equilibrium, it results in mass extinction event through global cooling /  warming, falling sea levels, or volcanic eruptions and kills a major  fraction of living species. The previous extinctions happened because of  slow accumulation unlike the rapid change in the biosphere that we are  observing now.

When reading this book, it did not feel like  Elizabeth is cursing us for this accelerated environmental damage.  Instead, it challenges us, forces us to internally reflect and feel  remorse for all the things we did and still doing. In that aspect, this  book is a great personal journey. Definitely recommended!