"The Omnivore's Dilemma", written even before the last decade is a very  long love letter for food. In this book, Micheal brings up the central  question regarding the food: What should we really eat for a healthy  life? The Dilemma occurs because there are lot of things we could afford  now and a deluge of advertisements of foods claiming to be wonderful/  organic/ grass-fed / freshly grown fills our supermarkets, it is really  difficult to pick and choose now.

A natural history of four meals

It is here where Michael makes  his central point. Food was never a product before, our ancestors  considered various foods as gifts of Gods, respected them for what they  are and maintained a healthy relationship with the animals and plants  living in their vicinity. The advent of capitalism and the drive to  maintain profits forced the farmers to become mono-cultured and also  unsustainable because of the Nitrogen coming from petrochemicals.

I  saw an advertisement a couple of months back that boasts "No Cook  November" from one of the food-tech & delivery startup in India.  This sickened me, not only we are the far away from plants or animals  now, we are also deluded into thinking that cooking is not even  necessary. Micheal's discussions about corn, animal meat and mushrooms  points precisely at events like this where we would not feel &  appreciate the wonderful co-evolutionary relationship between all the  life on the Earth. This book is a celebration of that intimacy. You  should read, if you are remotely interested in how food transforms from  sunlight to our plates!