Chernobyl is a terrible nuclear disaster that ultimately sealed the fate  of nuclear power. Otherwise, we would be shimmering with mini-nuclear  reactors in every state by now. Why would a nuclear reactor fail as it  is designed with all the fail safe systems to protect it from every  perceivable failure? There is no fail-safe against ignorant fools who are  operating the reactor and there is no match to political boot licking  that allowed a flawed design into manufacturing in the first place.

Chernobyl  remains a prime example of science being deliberately misused by people  with power. We need more energy to drive our economies which can force  the politicians to go for more riskier ventures. We don’t know if there  is another Chernobyl lurking around us. We can only hope that as long as  people’s voices are being heard and they are allowed to ask questions,  we would be safe.