Elon Musk is the child  who never stopped dreaming. I've read a lot of inspiring stories around  Tesla and Space X, but very unfamiliar with Elon and his life. If you  think Elon is an elite techno-utopian who is trying to do obscure  things, your opinion of him will change after reading this book. Sending  people to Mars, creating an electric car, saving the world from energy  crisis and building infrastructure for harnessing solar energy are  exactly the kind of goals you wouldn't expect from an entrepreneur.

If  you think Elon was lucky or privileged, you are grossly underestimating  his talent. With one company, he might have gotten lucky but he has two  quite successful companies now. That can't be luck. Elon belongs to  this very rare breed of capitalists who operate with a sense of optimism  and nobleness that it's difficult to compare him with anyone.

Reading  about the impeccable technical details that he can recite and the way  he drives the companies with optimism was inspiring. The book could have  been better though. Although the author did extensive research and  collected so many opinions from various people that Elon worked with, it  felt disconnected from Elon. Could there be more to him? I think so.  But this is what we can access now. Recommended read!