World After Capital

World After Capital

Coming from a venture capitalist who funded companies like MongoDB and Etsy, this book is such a great revelation. You would think a VC would argue for more capital creation mechanisms and less government regulations. Wenger instead proposes to move away capital as it is abundant everywhere and embrace pursuit of knowledge.

Financial capital in itself is not going to solve climate change, significant loss of jobs due to automation, asteroid strikes, infectious diseases, cancer or poverty. He also proposes to steer a shift from from job-oriented goals to knowledge-oriented goals. For this to happen painlessly, he completely goes off the block and says Universal Basic Income should be provided to everyone. This enables everyone to pursue their own goals which can ultimately increase overall happiness of humanity.

We see an increasing discord between the government and people. Wenger fundamentally thinks this is happening because of the preference we give to capital over knowledge. A very small book in pages but significant work, lot of right questions were asked. Recommended read!

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