Taming the Sun

Taming the Sun

From the outset, one thing is clear. Varun loves going solar. Who doesn’t? It’s cheap (~now), it’s carbon free, and it’s everywhere. Well, install lot of solar panels and let the markets figure out rest of the stuff.

Like all the questions in life, the answer is not so simple. Imagine having an erratic partner who can only shine love on you for half of the day, who brings a set of additional problems to you in mingling with your family and whom can’t trust because you can’t seek help when you most need it. That partner is very much like solar energy.

Solar energy brings a multitude of problems, but taming them in a timely manner is our last shot at saving the planet from global warming. Varun doesn’t want solar to become another false hope like nuclear energy. Scaling up without innovation, with cheap inefficient panels, wrong policies and expecting invisible hand of markets to do things right is surely going to fail.

Although it didn’t feel like it was the intention of Varun to explain solar energy in detail, the book actually ended up as a nice contemporary introduction to current state of affairs in solar. A must read for everyone interested in renewable energy, policy makers and investors.

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